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: FINDING-YOUR-TRUE-POWER. : Gain-Your-New-Break-Throughs in your Relationships & Self.


: Everybody-Has-A-True-Power.

: Find-Your-Purpose.

: Beat-Doubts & Fears.

: Spiritual-Secrets of the Universe, A-Course-Creation For Finding Your-Unique-Gifts & Aligning-Them With Your True-Purpose In Your Life. 

: This-Course-Blends-Practical-Life-Skills For The Harnessing Of Your True-Calling & Mana-Creation-Potentials.


:Spiritual-Secrets of the Universe.







:Sol: Johnston. : Your-Guide.


: Writer of the Book, “The Unknown Enemy, How we Sabotage Our Self Without Knowing It”, Foundation for your Truth & Power in your Relationships.

: Wealth, Happiness, and Abundance-Come-Natural with your Strong-Purpose. 

: Your-Powerful-Journey, Truth, and Wealth Are Within Your Grasp-Now With The Right-Barrier-Transformations.

: Break-Throughs Are Within Your Psyche. 

: Our-Society-Has-Deep-Level-Conditioning Of Your Mind, Blocking-You Of Your Truth & Power.

: Let-Your-True-Self-Come-Through & Beat-Your-Troubles & Woes, Build Of A New-Strong-Foundation With The Word-Power-Secrets & FAST, EASY-CONCEPTS FOR YOUR NEW-LIFE-POSITIVE-CREATION-NOW!

10 negative self-talk examples

: Our-Philosophy.

: Let’s-Get-Past-Fakeness:

: En-Lighten-ment = No-Lighten-Ment = No-Lighten-Mental.

: Let’s-Connect With Your True-Light & Beat-Darkness.

: This-Course, Gives-EASY, SIMPLE, FAST, POWERFUL-Success-Tools.. 

In Our Great-Community, Secrets Within You Come-Out. 


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: Finding-Your-Magic-Within.

This initial module focuses on self-discovery. Participants might engage in activities designed to reveal their strengths, passions, and unique abilities. This could involve personality tests, creative expression exercises, and deep reflective practices.

: Connecting-with-Your-[In]tuition & Spirituality.

Here, the course might delve into practices that help individuals connect with their intuition and spirituality. This could include meditation, mindfulness exercises, and discussions on various spiritual philosophies to help participants find what resonates with them.

: [Un]derstanding-Life-[Pur]pose.

This part of the course could explore the concept of life purpose. It might include exercises to help participants identify what they feel passionately about and how they can align their life with these passions.

Practical Application of Your Magic

This module could focus on how to apply one’s unique talents and passions in real-world scenarios. It might cover goal setting, creating a vision for the future, and strategies for overcoming obstacles and challenges.

A Supportive Community

Recognizing the importance of support in one’s journey, this section might focus on building a community. This could involve group discussions, networking opportunities, and building relationships with like-minded individuals.

Ongoing Growth and Self-Care

The final module could emphasize the importance of ongoing personal growth and self-care. Techniques for maintaining balance, managing stress, and nurturing one’s inner magic continuously would be explored.

Throughout the course, a variety of methods like workshops, guest speakers, personal journaling, and group discussions might be employed to cater to different learning styles.

The goal of the course would be to empower individuals to recognize and use their unique qualities, creating a fulfilling life aligned with their deepest values and purposes.