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Do You Consider Yourself a Helpful Person?

It's Time to Give Yourself The Permission

For the Next-LEVEL in your Life.

Helping Others & Bringing the WOW Back into your Life.

Get Access to 6-Figure Entrepreneur Knowledge and Learn Skills To Increase Your Money Supply



  • Find Out Your True Clarity

  • Fulfill Your True Purpose

  • Overcome Your Wealth Blockages

  • Build Fun into your Life

  • Set the Space for Success

  • Build a Thriving Business



I had a Chance to Work with Millionaire Marketing Specialists Team Ranging From:

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    • Direct Marketing

    • Organic Marketing

    • Social Network Marketing

    • Direct Mail Marketing

    • And More!

    "Most People try and start a business but forget to think like the Consumer first."

    Larry Elliott

    World's Best Digital Marketer

    What you gain with our Membership

    Here's how your investment can be 10x today!

    • Fighting Overwhelm

    • Rethink Your Growth

    • Overcome Most Common Business Mistakes

    • Setting the Space

    • Clear the MIND Clutter

    • Clearing the WEALTH Blockers

    • Find your True Clarity

    • Find your Target Audience

    • Find Niches that Work

    • Gain your True Value

    • Models of Business for Success

    • Choose Paths that work for you

    • Build Your Channels

    • Rethink Your Media

    • Build the Mindset

    • Build a Business with No Money

    • Secrets to Organic Traffic

    • Make Money Now!



    :Sol: Johnston.

    Helped make many go from zero businesses to 6 figures.

    ๐ŸŽคAbout The Speaker: 

    Sol Johnston is a Happiness expert that has helped businesses who were about to go bankrupt become rockstars and take off.

    For over 25 years, Sol has helped the world in Health, Happiness, & Marketing and has given presentations that have left audiences jumping out of their seats, yelling for more, and most importantly, learning priceless new strategies to impact their Livelihood.

    Sol Johnstonโ€™s mission is to unlock everyoneโ€™s inner Happiness & Millionaire. Clients invite him to their meetings because he makes their executive message stick, plus excites and engages their audience.

    Make Happiness Blockers & Wealth Blockers a thing of the Past! Be the first to build your Wealth & live a truly loving and positive life fulfilling your purpose!


    IS NOT...

      • Get Rich Quick.

      • We will grow you fast, but Results take time. โณ

    • For those Wanting to Not Do Anything

    • We all know a little bit of dedication and hard work pays off! ๐Ÿฅณ

    • Do Everything For You.

    • We do it together so that we can help you grow.๐Ÿ‘

      We want it to be easy for you and for you to know how it all works.

      We do have live in person Workshops & One-On-One Sessions available. 

    • Be Everything For Every Single Business

    • We just show you business models that work. 

      We don't do every business, just ones that will make you money and make you money the fastest! ๐Ÿข

    • For Negative Mindset People

    • If you don't have the right mindset we can't help you. ๐Ÿคด

      We help you gain the positive mindset to overcome your obstacles. ๐Ÿ‘ธ

      We also have a community on your side!


    IS ...

    • Wanting to Start a Business

    • This is a course made for you to start a business from scratch with your skills. ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐Ÿ’ผ

    • Build on an Existing Business

    • We give you the framework to help expand and grow your business exponentially! ๐Ÿ•ด๏ธ

    • We Work Together

    • We are a community that helps build one another. ๐Ÿฅ‚

    • Getting Customers Buying on Emotion Rather than Logic

    • People always buy on emotion. 

      Logic is what they use to justify the purchase afterwards.

      We buy what we want more than what we need! Find out the formula...๐Ÿคฉ

    • Build a Business with Clarity instead of Confusion

    • We have easy Step-By-Step check off lists to help you be unstuck. 

      Clear Goals are Clearly success! ๐Ÿ“‘

    • Make the Business Process FUN!

    • Business is about building the Dopamine Button!

      Dopamine is the pleasure button in your brain.

      Pleasure for you and your Customers = Success!๐Ÿ’ƒ

    • Specific Guidance on YouTube & Other Video Websites

    • Leverage YouTube without having to be a celebrity. ๐Ÿ˜

      Your Golden ticket ๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ awaits without having to place your face on video.

      People are looking for knowledge, not celebrities.โŒš


      I'll show you have to make successful videos with just text and having software do the rest for you. 

      There are other options such as Artificial voices that sound real that can say all the words for you too! ๐Ÿ˜‹


    From the Desk of Founder/CEO, :Sol: Johnston:

    Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

    I am extremely grateful for you and all the things that God has given me such as the many millionaires and a billionaire I have been able to meet and have private tutoring & secrets to the industries we know.

    Imagine going to a marketing conference and then we all go to eat and have a drink. A gentleman wearing a really bright pink shirt walks in talking about million dollar ventures and his mistakes along the way. 

    I find out quickly that he is a Unicorn Business Billionaire. When we all leave the restaurant I got to pick his mind before he had to go on an airplane. He gave me his Ecard so I can talk to him, but only if it is extremely important because his time is valuable.

    I got to ask such questions such as:

    • Having No money how can I build a businesses and start seeing results fast?

    • How much do you charge your clients and how do I make as much as you?

    • Any other tips and hints you can give me along the way?

    There were lots of surprises along the way in his answers.

    Every Level you go on your marketing Journey is different on your mindset. Each level of mindset is different for:

    • Starting a Business and making your first dollar

    • Making $100,000 a year and trying to make it a Million Dollar Business

    • Making a Million Dollar Business into a Billion Dollar business

    This is why Clarity is so important when you start

    Most people hesitate because they are not clear on their purpose and goals on starting a business or when they have a small business. ๏ปฟ

    This is why I made for you a way to figure out your clarity fast so you can be successful quickly.

    Even people who have Small to Medium sized ($100,000 a year businesses) need clarity so they can scale and grow to the next level of their life & POWER UP!

    So this is why I present to you ways to beat the Wealth Blockers and Clarity Blockers.

    Why would anyone want to Start a Business or make one Grow when so many fail?

    This Is why I made these courses. So that people can be on the road to success fast & get paid well. 

    • Be Free of the Prison of your Mind

    • Be Successful Fast with proven techniques

    Once you know how to reach your audience they gladly will give Value or Money for your Value.

    Everyone wants to give you their money, they just have to connect with you.

    Start making $10,000 a week with your online sales easily like me.

    I get really excited for my students, especially when they can quickly make money fast.

    I love to hear them message the community and make a !!!!!!WOW!!!!! statement and seeing their success a reality. 

    That's what makes my heart sing. To see you rise up and be a truly successful person and getting excited about your purpose & making money.

    This is why I like to help people just like you to set the space and make the success!

    There are 2 pathways you can take:

    You keep giving people your Money.  Be Passive & just Dream.


    People keep giving you their Money. Be Active & make your Dreams a reality.

    Be bold,

    :Sol: Johnston.

    P.S. I really only want to have people sign up who want to be successful and make their dreams come true.

    P.P.S. Let's figure out a way together to make sure your traffic and success comes together for the big WOW MOMENT!

    P.P.P.S. I want that BIG WOW MOMENT to be happening the rest of your life in a way that you can constantly go to it and feel truly happy.

    P.P.P.P.S. I love to help people just like you. I love all my students and really put a great deal in for them to be successful. It means so much to me when you truly invest in yourself and are serious about gaining the truth you need on your journey to the next level.

    ๐Ÿ‘‰ Get Started on your Journey >>



    • Giving you the Value for Success

    • Making your Knowledge grow your Success

    • Seeing you make your first $1000 within 12 weeks.

    • Seeing you Scale your Profits to make at least $100,000 a year

    • Think outside the box on Money and Growing it

    • Building true value in yourself


    Level up with...

    Your Dreams Coming True

    Don't Give up now, when you are so close to success. I believe in you and your leveling up to the next happiness level in your life!

    All trainings are recorded.

    Get connected...

    Connecting with your Audience

    Learn how to connect to your audience so they say "Where have you been all my life".

    Live trainings and giveaways.

    Instant access to a New Life...

    Have your Fun and Exciting Life Start Here

    Everything in life grows with love, nourishment, and value.

    Over $28,576 inside.

    Worth even more if you add how much freedom is worth for you, with a 5 year exit strategy.


    Level Up Your Life

    Get Past the Mindset Holding You Back from Wealth & Happiness

    Worth $9,997

    Bonus: See the Traffic Soar

    How to use the Internet Algorithms to Bring Traffic Fast

    Worth $1,997

    Bonus: List Building on Facebook & Email

    Build Lists with Facebook Messenger & Emails

    Worth $2,997

    Bonus: Conversion Money Making Machine

    Turn your Business into a Cash Machine Secret

    Worth $9,997

    Bonus: YouTube Algorithm Explosion

    Bring Passive Traffic to your Products or Affiliates

    Worth $1,997

    Bonus: Social Media Leverage 

    Power up Traffic to your Business

    Worth $497

    Bonus: My Easy Google Search Engine Optimization Strategies

    So People Find Your Website or Blog FAST

    From 10 hits a day to 1,000!

    Worth $497

    Bonus: Profitable Niches Deep Dive

    The Customers with the most Money to Give

    Worth $597

    Community Strength 

    Be a part of a Successful Community

    YouTube Gold Winning Startegies

    Get Secrets on How to Build Your Channel Fast & Turn it into an Evergreen Cash Machine

    Credibility Building

    Find out the Secrets for people Trusting your Brand


  •  Level Up Your Life - Mindset Master Class = Worth $9,997

  •  Bonus: See the Traffic Soar = Worth $1,997

  •  Bonus: List Building on Facebook & Email = Worth $2,997

  •  Bonus: Conversion Money Making Machine = Worth $9,997

  •  Bonus: YouTube Algorithm Explosion = Worth $1,997

  •  Bonus: Social Media Leverage = Worth $497

  •  Bonus: Easy Google Search Engine Optimization Strategies = Worth $497

  •  Bonus: Profitable Niches Deep Dive = Worth $597

  • Total Value: $28,576

    TODAY ONLY: $2,497

    Instant Access, Monthly Membership, Cancel Anytime

    Payment Plans Available


    I Personally Guarantee Results! If you don't make any sales after following all the steps I will gladly give your money back guaranteed!  

    I just want to see you Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Whole!

    :Sol: Johnston.

    Secret Lesson Golden Academy Instructor


    • Can I take this program without basic knowledge of Online Business?

    • Of course, the program is designed so that anyone can understand it. Even if you have never created an online business campaign with this program, you will be able to learn quickly... 

      I teach from scratch, the basics of marketing to an advanced level of scale, you will not need any other program after learning with this method.

    • Do I need to have thousands of followers on my social networks?

    • No, with this method you do not need to have followers, everything works through organic traffic. 

      In which you do not have to show your face, nor be creating content every day. 

      All of this is done using Facebook Pages, Social Media, YouTube.

    • I have bought many and none have worked for me, why would this one help me?

    • With all the security in the world I can tell you that this is the most complete program in the digital marketing market. 

      Here you will learn a method that has allowed me to generate thousands of dollars on the internet by selling digital products, but not only to me, but also to all my students where we are already dedicated groups of at least 200 at a time.

      You will learn real marketing strategies that work for us today and that we continue updating.

    • Do I need to have or create a product or service in order to sell?

    • No, with this method we teach you to find the most winning products and with sales funnels that you can start selling from day one. 

      I will show you how to create your sales funnels. It is better to create them, because your products are unique, but there are many free templates I show you to build massive results. 

      The only thing you need is to apply this method and receive the massive sales.

    • How soon will I be able to generate results?

    • You will be able to have results from the first 4 weeks you enter the program! 

      The content is weekly available and ready for you to study and put it into practice. 

      It is important that you give priority to being able to consume the content, but above all to apply everything that is taught to you...

      You must dedicate at least 2 hours a day to organizing your entire structure...

      You have all our support in the community so that never feel alone.

    • If I have questions and need help with a suggestion, how can you help me?

    • You will be able to see all the content again as many times as necessary and in addition to that you have 2 ways to ask your questions and that our team answers you as quickly as possible.


      1. Within the members area below each lesson you will be able to ask your specific question for that video. 

      2. You will have access to a private community on Facebook where live classes are held and you can also post any questions or problems you have and the team helps you quickly.

    • Does this method only work in the niche of making money and selling to other affiliates? 

    • Of course NOT, with the Secret Lesson Golden Academy Method we are selling products that are in many niches and we try to make sure any niche you choose will be profitable.

      This method is already proven and you will be able to sell any type of product with enough traffic and demand for that niche.

    Join the Golden Academy and


    I limit this opportunity to a limited amount of People.

    Act Fast before I close the doors to having new students.

    Don't Worry! I have your back and have dealt with the hardest Wealth Blockers on the Planet being Raised poor but surrounded by those who truly care. I truly care about your success!

    :Sol: Johnston.

    Golden Academy Instructor


    (Access with membership to our Elite Club of Success)